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Do you notice something different about this article?  If you came via the frontpage you would have seen the summary:

Joomla provides you with many options by which to display an article.  However, did you know one of the most underutilised options is the fact that your article can hide its own "Intro Text"?  The teaser you see in a blog layout, or a newsflash module, can be different when you actually display the full article - just look at this one.

Yet, this article starts somewhat differently.  Interesting.

Joomla Web sites typically use the "Intro Text" and the "Read more button" and just continue the story from the Frontpage Blog view, or a Newsflash module - but it doesn't have to be that way.  You can actually hide the Intro Text when displaying the full article.

To do this, edit the article in the Joomla Administrator.

Click on the "Parameters (Advanced)" pane to the right of the text of the article.

Find the parameter called "Intro Text" and change the select list to "Hide".  Your article might look something like the following screenshot (click it to enlarge):


(You will note that I've fixed up some of the typo's since I took this shot.)

Save the article.

Now have a look at the article as it appears in a blog view, or a module, and then look at the full article.

The effects can be dramatic, such as in this article, or they could be more subtle.  You could make small adjustments such as you might see at (this is not a Joomla site, but it's a site that inspired many of the early features I built into Mambo, the project from which Joomla was born) where the introduction on the frontpage changes slightly and the image includes a caption in the full article.

I hope you enjoy this useful, yet overlooked, feature of Joomla - hiding Intro Text.

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