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Note: you must install the JXtended Libraries Plugin and JXtended Control first!
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Control (formerly supported and maintained at is a tool that allows you to manipulate the Access Control tables provided with Joomla and is used by other extensions on this site to provide extended access control capabilities.

Please note that this Access Control system is not compatible with that used in Joomla 1.6. As a result, Control is no longer maintained nor is there an upgrade path to Joomla 1.6.


  • Builds on the existing phpGACL API used within Joomla!
  • Adds the extra tables required to use the full phpGACL API
  • Add your own User Groups (more than just Registered, Author, Editor, etc)
  • Add your own Access Levels (more than Public, Registered, Special, etc)
  • Create your own Permissions
  • Create your own Rules by binding permissions to User Groups and Access Levels

Please note that this extension does not add access control to existing extensions (like com_content) by itself.

Your installed extensions must be designed to work with Control in order to achieve finer access granularity.

Read the reviews on the Joomla Extensions Directory.


Packing List

All extensions are automatically installed from the one package.

  • The Control administrator component (com_control).

License and Support

This extension is free to download and use on any number of Joomla web sites.  It is released as Open Source under the GNU General Public License.

No official support is provided.  However, usage difficulties can be reported on the Art of Joomla project tracker.  You may also like to discuss this extension at The Art of Joomla Google Group.

If you find any this extension useful, please consider paying us forward (not paying us back) by supporting one of our nominated charities or World Hope Australia and help fight world poverty! Let us know if you do.