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I get an error like Call to undefined function jximport().

Things to check:

  • Is your web site running on a server with PHP 5?  This extension will not work with PHP 4.
  • Are you running Joomla 1.5.7 or higher? If you aren't, your site is vulnerable to very serious security issues found in previous versions. Upgrade as soon as possible.
  • Have you installed the JXtended Libraries plugin?
  • Is the JXtended Libraries plugin enabled (see Extensions -> Plugin Manager)?
  • Have you installed JXtended Control?
  • Does Control appear to work when you go to the component?

I get an error like Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /plugins/editors/tinymce.php on line 433

Chances are you are running Joomla 1.5.11.  Unfortunately there is a bug in the editor button handling that requires core fixes to address this issue.  For more information and possible workarounds, see

I can't see the Toolbar module on the frontend.

Things to check:

  • Are you logged into the frontend?
  • Have you given the correct user group or groups access to Content Manager (see the Type 1 Rule called Content Manager - Access)?

There is a global rule for people who can see the Toolbar.  By default the Administrator's and Super Administrator's can see the module and access Content Manager.  If you create a new group, for example "writers" using Control, you must add that group to the general access rule otherwise they will not be able to do anything at all.

The Content Manager Search Module does not show any results.

It will only show the articles you can normally see on the site.

There are no category links showing so that I can add a new article.

Things to check:

  • Do you have any categories available on your site (if not, you won't be able to use Content Manager)?
  • For the user group that you are logged in as, have you given them permission to create an article in any category?

You need to include your user groups in at least two rules for them to be able to submit content.  First give them general access to Content Manager using the Type 1 rule.  Then create a Type 2 rule that gives them permission to perform operations on articles in specific categories.

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