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Installation & Upgrading

Download the single extension package from the Art of Joomla project site.

Install the single package using the Joomla installer. Log into the Joomla 2.5 or 3.0 Administrator. Select Extensions -> Install/Unistall from the menu. Click Browse and select the extension package you downloaded. Click Upload & Install File (alternatively use the other installation methods available if desired).

To upgrade Artof Comments just download the latest version and install over the top of the old version.  Do not uninstall ArtofComments as you may loose plugin settings.

Turn on the Artof Comments Content Plugin

In order for Artof Comments to conntect to Disqus, in the Joomla Administrator go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager. In the search filter type "ArtofComments" and click Go or press enter/return.  You should see the plugin named "Content - ArtofComments" in the filtered list.

Click the name of the to edit the settings.

Enter the "shortname" you would have configured on the Disqus site.

Turn on the Developer Mode if you are testing a local copy of your site. Make sure this is turned off on a production site.

Enable the plugin and save.

Enabling and Disabling Comments

When the ArtofComments plugin is enabled, there are two ways to enable, or disable, comments.

The first way is to edit an article category. Under the Basic Parameters you will see a new option called "Enable Comments". Change this setting to "Yes" to allow Disqus comments to be added to each article in the category.


The second way is to edit a single article. Under the Article Options you will also see a new option called "Enable Comments". Change this setting to "Yes" to explicitly allow Disqus comments, or "No" to disallow them (even if comments are enabled in the category the article is in). 


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