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iconAdvanced Administrator Menu is a simple utility extension for the Joomla Administrator.  Most web sites have dozens of extensions installed and this can lead to the Component menu in the Administrator being very long and cumbersome.  Advanced Administrator Menu allows you to tag components so that they can be logically grouped into their own sub-menus.  Often it one takes one extra menu to make managing components a more pleasant experience.




  • Create as many extra menus as your screen resolution will allow.
  • Optionally tag any of the components to display them in the new menus.
  • Tagged components will not be shown in the Components menu giving you the ability to balance the length of menus.  Group extensions by function or vendor as you see fit.
  • Customise the order of the components in the new menus.


  • Joomla 1.5.7+
  • PHP 5.2+

Packing List

All extensions are automatically installed from the one package.

  • The Advanced Administrator Menu component (com_aamenu) to tag your components.
  • The Advanced Administrator Menu (mod_aamenu) module which replaces your default Joomla Administrator menu.

Previous versions are available at The Art of Joomla project on

License and Support

This extension is free to download and use on any number of Joomla web sites. It is released as Open Source under the GNU General Public License.

No official support is provided.  However, usage difficulties can be reported on the Art of Joomla project tracker.

If you find any this extension useful, please consider paying us forward (not paying us back) by supporting one of our nominated charities or World Hope Australia and help fight world poverty! Let us know if you do.


Advanced Administrator Menu was commissioned by Toowoomba Regional Council to assist web masters with the management of sites with a great many extensions installed (before which was an impossibly long Components menu in the Administrator).  The first public version was released in May 2009. We are grateful to Toowoomba Regional Council for allowing us to share this extension for free with you.